Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wanted to do some school work.
I wanted to balance my check book.
I wanted to post all about the brand new thing I have.

But it will all have to wait because I'm exhausted!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Me on Monday

 Acting Balanced
1. What was the first live concert you ever attended?
Bush at Madison Square Garden.  I had seen some other live performances at fairs and whatnot, but that was the first actual concert.  It was back in 1996 or 1997 or something like that.

2. What colors look best on you?
I like darker colors best.  Not all black all the time, but dark red or green or purple, etc.  I have a hard time finding summer clothes since they are in more springy pastel colors, but I can do those too.

3. What is one thing about you that most people wouldn't know?
That I really like school.  As much as I complain about my college courses, I really do enjoy learning new things.  
4. Who would you call to be bailed out of jail?
My husband.  If he's there with me then I'd call my mom!
5. What do you think is the greatest invention of your lifetime and why?
Oh my gosh there are so many! How about the digital camera? I'm not sure when the first one was made, but I'm sure that the ones we're all using personally today are from my lifetime.  Love digital cameras! Oh, and smart phones!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Environment vs. Unemployment

Kind of a deep thought for a Saturday morning, but after a friend posted something on Facebook earlier this week, I can't stop mulling it over.

This friend recently got a job working at the post office.  She posted about how she had no idea all the steps that went in to getting us our mail and she now has a greater appreciation for snail mail.

She went on to talk about how the post office is struggling and how if we continue to receive and pay our bills online, opt out of junk mail, opt in for paperless mailing, etc. people will lose their jobs and that's not right. 

Agreed, it stinks when people lose their jobs and if the post office has to close offices, a lot of people will be out of work.  Valid point.

But personally, I'm opting out of receiving a lot of things in the mail because I think it's a waste of paper and more efficient to do it the environmentally friendly way.  Not to mention less expensive and more resourceful.

So what's the right way? Jobs or environment? 

I know the environment has bigger problems than just junk mail and bills and when you compare paper to jobs the scale certainly weighs in favor of the jobs, but paperless is a step that is fairly easy for most people to take.  It may even be the first step for many to being more environmentally friendly.

I'm interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop

Each week, Hilary lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is ME!!!  I came up with the last two statements…

Please help spread the word about this hop…. Tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post…

This week’s statements:

1. I never ___ on a ___.
2. ___ is my favorite holiday.
3. I think my ___ is/are ___.
4. When there is a ___ I ___.

My Answers:

1. I never drink on an empty stomach.  Well, I pretty much never drink so I guess that wasn't the brightest.

2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Because of all the food of course!! 

3. I think my eyes are pretty.  They are a nice and unique shade of blue.

4. When there is an accident on the interstate during my commute I curse the world! I'm telling you, it can make a 25 minute commute last 2+ hours!!

But I don't want to buy a new printer!

I have had my wonderful Dell laser printer for almost 10 years now.  It's great! Very durable and can handle some decent size print jobs.  I also have a small ink jet HP printer for color jobs (when I have the color ink) and scans/copies.

Out of the clear blue sky by Dell decided it didn't want to print anymore.  I have gone through the motions 100 times to reinstall it, etc.  Unfortunately I cannot find the disc, which to me is crazy because I keep all my discs in a drawer and have one for nearly everything I've ever owned.  I think part of me is convinced that it will turn up! I tried finding the drivers online and it just isn't happening.  So depressed.  

Tonight I planned to work on part of my group paper, and I need to print some of my web references so I can review them (if I try to read them all online I go cross-eyed and some of these are LONG).  I can't count on my ink jet to print all I need to print.  So.... I think I'm going to have to cave and get a new printer.  

Makes me so unhappy.

And for the record, I know printing an online resource is kind of backwards and wasteful, but I will be using these for about two months and I do recycle! So it's not a complete loss.  These pages will probably get more use than my $100+ text books!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I found it necessary to buy a Blu-Ray player and now I'm mad...

I have this addiction... not only do I shop compulsively, but I am also obsessed with Netflix.  Feels better having said it out loud.

I spent a good 12 hours watching Netflix on my day off Monday.  I wasn't on the couch all day straight, I did get up to cook, do some laundry, and straighten up.  I even fed the animals and let Daisy out.  

What was I watching? Greek! Gosh I miss that show, it was one of mine and Brad's faves.  It kind of started the same way my Gray's Anatomy addiction started.  I needed a reason to continue my Netflix subscription so I picked a TV show I loved that isn't on TV anymore.

Back to the point.  

Well, Brad has this addiction... not only is he a pain in the butt, but he is obsessed with his Xbox.  His Xbox is what I watch my Netflix on.  This doesn't mesh well together.

So I've been threatening to buy a Smart TV for a while now, threatening who? I don't know.  Kind of a similar situation to the hair cut situation.  I would put it my bedroom so when Brad wants to play his games, I can still watch my Netflix.  Well, since the TV would be going in the bedroom, I can't fathom spending a whole lot of money on it since I have an old boxy TV that does the trick just fine.  

Insert dilemma here.

There was a Smart TV at Best Buy for under $200.  It's gone now.  Not on the website, not in the store.  Boo.  Now they are all $300 and up.  $300 on a TV for the bedroom? No thanks.

Smart TV - a TV that connects to the internet and can play Netflix.  I'm sure it does other things but all I care about is the Netflix.

So I found a Blu-Ray player that was $70 and has the same Netflix feature.  Sold! Hooked up! It works! I can watch my Netflix while Brad is playing his video games! 

And my shows only pause once every five minutes since we're doing too much on through the internet at one time, his game works just fine though.  :-|

Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet Me on Monday - Happy President's Day!

Acting Balanced
1. What is your favorite kind of soup?

Gazpacho! I just had it for the first time a few weeks ago and wow! Otherwise I'll take any kind with potatoes and cheese.  REAL potatoes and cheese.  Oh, and roasted red pepper is good too, or tomato and basil in a bread bowl from Atlanta Bread Company... oh my gosh... 
2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Breaking Dawn? At midnight... I do believe that's the one.  We don't get to the movies all that much but I'm dying to head out and see The Vow.
3. What is your least favorite TV program?

Pretty much anything reality or anything on MTV.  I miss when MTV would play actual music.  Now it's non-music television, or non-MTV.  But I do like cooking shows so that kind of reality TV doesn't count!

4. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

Hmm, not too sure.  Maybe "Just Another Day" since that's my blog title.  But that's boring, I know... so am I though! 
5. What 3 places that are on your bucket list to visit?

Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hawaii.  And those are just the ones in the US!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So I was tagged with the same style meme twice this past week!! I think these are fun so of course I'm partaking in both, but to prevent multiple similar posts, I'm going to answer both in this post...

The first one is from Brenda @ Fiction With a Purpose! The second is from Angie @ Angels are Kids and Furkids!

The Rules are the same for both:

  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
  • Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.
Brenda's Tag:

11 Things About Myself...

1. I am a compulsive shopper.
2. My compulsive shopping drives me crazy - lots of buyer's remorse!
3. I hate to read for school.
4. I love to read for fun.
5. I'm addicted to my new iPod Touch and can't stop playing games.
6. I'll probably never download a song to my iPod Touch.
7. I'm disappointed I don't have any pages done for my 2012 photo book.
8. This time last year I had three pages done in my 2011 photo book.
9. I hate listening to video games.
10. I love the TV show Greek.
11. I am really particular about my blog backgrounds.

Brenda's Questions:
1.  Wine or beer? Wine! I used to be able to do beer, but then there was this incident and let's just say it hasn't been too welcomed since.
2.  Hot or cold? Cold, can always layer up or sit with a blanket, can't exactly strip nude all the time. However, I do love laying on a beach and feeling the hot hot sun on me!
3.  Black or white? Black.  I can be a pig and white gets dirty, ha.  But Brad's new car does look really sharp in white!
4.  Spring or Fall? Spring.  Is it here yet?
5.  AC or windows? Depends on the time of year, AC is almost always essential here in SC.  But I do love opening the windows in the spring, especially when people are mowing their lawns and I can smell the fresh cut grass.
6.  Heater or fire? Fire! We have a fire pit outside, not a fireplace inside, so it doesn't always work out but it is nice.
7.  Carpet or hard-wood floors? Carpet.  I'm a little too rough and would likely scratch the heck out of hardwood floors.  Plus they get cold.
8.  Roses or Tulips? Roses. But tulips are pretty too, I'd like to plant some outside if my black thumb would allow.
9.  Dog or cat? BOTH!!! I love the loyalty and dependence of a dog, but the attitude and independence of a cat.  Total contrast.
10. Curtains or shades? Both.  Shades block out the peepers and curtains make it look pretty.
11. Shoes or barefoot? Barefoot (I bet Hilary answered shoes, heading over to her blog to check that out! :)

Angie's Tag:

Angie's Questions:

1.  Do you have a favorite book?  If so which one? I love the book "Summer Sisters" by Judy Blume.  I haven't read it in years, but if I had to pick one standalone book and not a series, that would be it.
2.  Where do you think your love of reading stems from?  Or how did you come to love reading? I'm sure it has something to do with my mom, she loves to read.  I'm not sure I ever sat down and saw her reading and said, "I want to do that." But I'm sure she had some kind of influence, whether I realized it at the time or not.  I used to read a book a day, or in 2 hours if I was really hooked, and I still can but I don't have the time.
3.  When you have "down time" what do you enjoy doing most? Reading, sleeping, watching reruns on Netflix...
4.  Would you ever own a black vehicle?  Why or why not? I wouldn't not own a black vehicle, I tend to wander towards darker colored vehicles, not sure why.  But it stinks because in the summer they get sooo hot!!
5.  What is your favorite animal?  Why? Once upon a time I would have said monkeys or bunnies because I think they are so cute.  Now I'd have to say domesticated dogs and cats, like my furbabies, because they're just so awesome.
6.  Do you have an author whose work you read no matter what? (Even if it is a book that doesn't look good to you?) James Patterson.
7.  If you could be a super hero, which one would you chose to be? Not too sure, one that could fly I think. 
8.  If you could have any house you wanted, money is no object, what kind would you build or buy? I have my dream house all picked out in my head and I won't get too specific  because Blogger might have a maximum amount of characters for a post, lol.  I want one that is weather-proof, so it won't fall down in a hurricane or tornado - I saw them build a structure like this on Extreme Home Makeover once... Also I want a basement, three car garage, a mudroom, and energy efficiency with solar panels or something.  That's the abbreviated version.
9.  What state have you always wanted to visit?  Have you been there yet? I'd like to go to some of the southern states like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi... I haven't been to any of them but I think they'd be nice. Most of the other states I'd like to visit I've already been to, and I like to go to new places.
10.  What's your favorite movie? Stand by Me
11.  What is your "ritual" when you settle in to read? I put everything at arms reach, phones, remotes, etc. so I don't have to get up.  Then I curl up somewhere quiet, usually on the couch when hubs isn't home.  I have a blanket nearby too, or over me if I'm already cold.  I like to make sure I'm in it for the long haul.  Ha.

My 11 questions For You...

1. Where is your dream vacation?
2. What is your favorite ice cream?
3. Do you want to take my college classes for me? (Just checking to see if you're paying attention).
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite food?
6. Have you been to any foreign countries?
7. What's your favorite appetizer?
8. When is the last time you hand wrote a letter? 
9. Do you like to take pictures?
10. Do you think you have a creative side?
11. If you could clean anything in your house, what would it be? 

Ok, now I'm supposed to tag people, but I've been tagged three times in the past month, so I'm sure others are feeling the same way.  So if you'd like to participate, TAG! I really enjoy doing these things and would LOVE to read your answers if you're interested.  Have fun!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The messed up cat/dog dynamic...

Caught this picture while I was heading to the kitchen for a snack.  It's the pic of the day for my photo blog and couldn't resist posting it here, and everywhere, as well.  I love my animals.

And I have to add.... Happy 14th Birthday to Loco!!! She doesn't look a day over 3.  :)


I am a little perturbed that all my pictures haven't been posting on my photo blog.  I guess it's my fault for relying only on my phone to do it and not checking to make sure they went through.  So this weekend, hopefully between school work, I am going to go through my photo blog and my phone and see if I can figure out what the missing pictures are! Then I will try to post them again.  Fail.

Friday, February 17, 2012


It's been a while since I've participated, but since I'm feeling kind of bloggy this morning, I figured I might as well.  A good way to pass some time.

1. What do you do when you are really upset to calm yourself down?

Cry and sleep.  Throw things and yell.

2. Do you go all our for V-day or is it just another day?

We don't exactly go all out, but we usually do something.  Lately it has been take out since the restaurants are mobbed.  Then maybe a little gift of some kind.

3. Are you more or less productive when hubs is away?

That's a trick question.  How about, I am more productive in less time.  For example: I might sit on the couch for 8 hours straight watching re-runs or chick flicks, BUT... I will speed clean the whole house, and clean it well, in about an hour.  

4. What is your favorite time of day and why?

On weekdays, it's the moment I get home from work.  On weekends, it's the moment I wake up and realize I can go back to sleep!

5. What is your go-to karaoke song?

Never done karaoke.  Sorry!
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