Monday, September 24, 2012


My new semi-addiction. 

My co-worker turned me on to it.  We were talking about something and she suggested it, so I went.  Now I'm a little hooked.  I'm not on it 24/7 as I simply don't have the time, but when I am I must pin like 20+ things at a time. 

It's like a collection I don't actually have to keep stock of.  Fun.

I pin recipes (my favorite), home stuff, hair and nail stuff, pet stuff, dreamy locations, and more!

When I get a minute I'll add a Pinterest button to my blog so you can see what kind of trouble I'm getting myself into.

I've avoided Pinterest like the plague because I don't need something else on the internet to be addicted to... guess all hope is lost now!

Do you Pinterest?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh technology...

I am blogging right now instead of doing my school work because I cannot log-in to my classroom to complete my work.  Can't live with it, can't live without it.  So here I am.  Hi!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things over here.  On Thursday I headed to Target after work in search of a calendar.  I needed something to help me budget my time and make me feel less overwhelmed.  I wanted something big so it would be right there for me to see.  I got very lucky because I found this neat dry erase calendar for $12! Most paper calendars cost this much!

Please pardon the wonderful quality of my iPod photos! And the lighting.  And the angles.  Not my finest work.  However, LOVE this calendar.

Pink is me.  Blue is Brad.  Green is together.  Yes, that is the laundry in green - I fold, he puts away, we both tackle the actual washing of the stuff... sometimes.  And red, which is barely visible, is miscellaneous stuff like Gamecock football games (just for you Les) and birthdays. 

I already feel a little less overwhelmed because instead of feeling like I have to do laundry, vacuum, cook dinner all at once, I can look at the calendar and say, "oh, it's Brad's turn to cook and laundry is tomorrow."  I hope it lasts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

Being a grown up sucks sometimes. 

Image Credit

One step forward, two steps back.

Overall I am doing well though, I just have what seems like NO TIME at all. 

Brad started classes yesterday.  I'm happy for him.  I'm in my third week.  In the groove.

Things are good, just busy.

I wanted to say hellllooooo!! I have not forgotten about my blog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scholarships? Grants?

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 I'm researching scholarship and grant opportunities for school  and I have found several.  Some of them I have to wait until the new calendar year to apply for.  Some of them seem kind of shady.  And the rest look alright but require time I don't have this very moment.  I did make a list and I am going to tackle them one by one.

Any great suggestions for where one could find scholarship and grant opportunities?

Crock Pot Recipes?

Ok, so we had one slightly cool morning and I'm ready to whip out the Crock Pot! I love doing things that involve barbeque sauce or onion soup mix in the Crock Pot, but I'm dying to try out some new recipes.

Anyone have any they wish to share?

Feel free to post a recipe or link to where you've posted one on your own blog.

Monday, September 10, 2012

One day at a time...

It is a new week and I am feeling slightly more at ease.  I still have a ton of things on my plate and new ideas keep popping in my mind, so I certainly not at rest.

I do feel a little bit better as the anticipation of my new school year has finally passed and I am now in it and it is off to a decent start.  I feel like I have a great method of keeping organized this time around (as I do at the beginning of every semester).  My research class is going to be hard and a lot of work.  My writing class is going to have a lot of reading.  I'm going to be swamped, but as with everything, one day at a time is all I can do.

I'm so far behind in my reading.  Not just for school, but socially as well.  I have not kept up to date on my favorite hops and I miss reading about my blog friends' lives.  I am going to attempt to catch up over the next week or so and hopefully I will manage.  To be honest, I have not read a blog post in a while and I feel horrible for that.  At least I can say that I have not even been making my own posts so it is not as if I am expecting anyone to read mine when I cannot return the favor, with the exception of my dinner post from last week of course.  :)

September is going to be a very busy month for me at work.  I have so many meetings, so many things on the agenda.  Not to mention my trip to St. Louis for a conference at the end of the month.  It is all happening this month.  We can go months without anything on the schedule and then it all comes crashing down at once.  It is all good things though, so at least I have that.

I have completely fallen off the weight loss wagon.  I did lose one pound last week after doing NOTHING but occasionally watch what I eat.  I feel like such a slacker, but I know it is because I am bored with my workout and also because I was overwhelmed with the impending school stuff.  So it was absolutely not a total loss, just a semi-loss in the sense that I need to get my motivation back.  I know that changing my routine around will help with that though.  I need to find a new normal there and I'll be good to go for another month.

My one month stats (5 weeks worth since I started a week before August began) were 8 lbs down and 7 inches lost! Pretty darn good! The inches were mostly in my extremities so I need to focus a little more around my core.  I am thinking about increasing my cardio workout but I have not completely worked it all out.  One day at a time...

So I am going to try to get back on track this week, catch up on my reading, and hopefully be a consistent presence here in blog land.  I'm not sure I'll be ready to participate in any hops, but I'll sure try! Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My husband is an amazing cook!

A new semester began yesterday so naturally I am a stark raving mad looney toon for which there is no immediate cure.  Fortunately I have a husband who is part angel and cooked dinner the past few days to alleviate some of the pressure I've been under. Model employee/model student/Suzy homemaker. Something's gotta give, fortunately it was the latter!

So what is that delicious looking creation pictured below? Shrimp and chorizo stuffed poblanos.  Holy moly it was good! So good that I'm breaking my little blogging sabbatical to talk about it. The recipe was retrieved from one of the Latin Flavor Pampered Chef cookbooks. I love PC recipes! I love things that are stuffed too so this was a win all around.

What did you have for dinner last night? What are your plans for tonight?

And sorry, dear readers, for my little break. The three day weekend got away from me and then in my quest to be superwoman I realized I needed to chill for a little bit so I have cut back on everything that wasn't absolutely necessary so that I'm not running on all cylinders for at least a few days. I'll be back soon!
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