Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays.  There is an excitement about it that is so much fun. 
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This is what I was up to last year, I can't wait to see what this evening has in store for me, but you can bet it will include some Halloween movie fun!
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Oh! And I have the next FOUR days off from work! How awesome is that????

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where are all the slow cooker recipes for people who are out of the house all day???

I sit here frustrated!

I have ONE slow cooker recipe, self-created, that will not dry up by the time I get home from work.

See, on most days we are away from the house for ten and a half hours.  That's factoring in our commute both ways and the work day itself.

Almost all the slow cooker recipes I find cook for a maximum of 8 hours.  For anyone who works an 8-5 or 9-5 job outside of the home, that just doesn't fly unless they are only minutes away from home.

Does anyone have a slow cooker recipe that can handle 10 hours of cook time on low? Anyone? Any recipes that can be modified to allow for this? 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you're ever in St. Louis... go to Bailey's Range and get a banana split!!

Photo: Yummo!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pondering: Content

There are a million things that I should be doing, but I want so badly to be back on my blog so I'm throwing it all out the window!

I have missed the weekly hops I participate in SO much.  I have missed chatting with my friends here.  So what better way to get back in the groove by pondering about contentment.  Each week Brenda posts a prompt for you to take to your blogs and talk about.  Click the button below to head over and play along!

Think on Thursday

Am I content? Yes.  I love my life.  I'm happy with where I'm at and with knowing I'm on the way to making my dreams come true.  I'm not living my dream just yet, but I'm confident that all this hard work is going to pay off at some point! It has to, right?

I have other dreams though...

I'd love to open a bake shop and bake cookies and other sweets all the time.  I really would.  To me that's more like a moonlighting dream though... once I've completed my dreams of being a counselor, having a family... way later on in life I'll entertain that dream. 

I'd also love to travel the world.  I'd LOVE to.  There are so many places I want to go and things I want to see.  Every once in a while I sit down and strategically plan this world tour.  Here's what I can do in one trip... here's what I can do in another... I want to see EVERYTHING! So it's only natural to lump things together so I can maximize each trip.

In fact, I think this evening, while I should be doing some school work, I am going to chill out with a map and "plan!"

Chocolate Chip Orange Cookies

I made these very yummy cookies a few weeks ago.  They were a variation of a recipe I found on Pinterest (recipe here).  You see, as I was making the Pinterest recipe, Brad said: "cookies aren't cookies without chocolate chips."  Ok wise guy.  I threw half a bag of chocolate chips into the dough and carried on.  They turned out amazing.  What a combination the orange and chocolate chips were!

I've been on a bit of a kick lately.  I barely have time to shower, but I can find time to make cookies when I need cookies.  This was the first of the "must have cookies" nights.  I had a couple of oranges and knew that if I looked I'd be able to find a cookie recipes that used oranges.  And I did.

So I used the recipe in the link above as a base, then I added half a bag of chocolate chips.  The other variation was that I did not put the icing on the cookies.  I ran out of steam... 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A view from the top...

It will probably never be convenient for me to go back to St. Louis, but I had a great time while I was there! I'm so thankful we have cameras to capture moments like these.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

St. Louis, MO

Earlier this month I went to a conference for work in St. Louis.  You may remember when I attended this same conference last year in Fort Worth, TX.  It was my first and it was a blast.  This year promised the same and it delivered. 

The worst thing about these conferences is that I miss Brad something fierce.  I hate leaving him for several days.  I know that sounds lame and I should be thankful he isn't in the military and gone for months or years or that he's not in some other type of job that pulls him away from the house, or that I'm not.  And I am thankful for all those things.  But I married him to be with him and it sucks when we're apart!

One of the great things about these conferences are the places I get to see.  I love to travel and visit new places and I always get to do that.

 The Arch
The Courthouse
The Cathedral Basilica St. Louis


Friday, October 12, 2012

Remember me?

I'm kind of glad my blog is on the same platform as my e-mail because I'm not sure I would have remembered the password otherwise.  September 24th is the date of my last post... sad...

Things have been so crazy.  I am not happy to be busy but I am happy that things seem to be going downhill now, and I mean that in an easy sort of way, not a doomed sort of way.

I'm not going to take a paragraph to talk about trying to catch up on my favorite blogs and missing my little corner of cyberspace here... I'm just going to dive right in to a hopefully somewhat normal post.

Here are the past few weeks in a nutshell: school, work, conference, St. Louis, airplanes, layovers, gooey butter cake, coffee, beer, wine, football, car dealership drama, baking, Pinterest, meetings, travel, driving, more driving, more meetings, work, school, helping Brad with school, Peanut, favors, dentist, vegetating, video games, apps, cheese fries, Starbucks, the arch, being a tourist for five minutes, work, wine fridge, new dry erase calendar, actually completing things on Pinterest, reading, writing, arithmetic, lions, tigers, bears, oh my, being crafty, shopping, cooking, cleaning, not cleaning, procrastinating, YouTube, meetings, school, Columbia, shot glasses, missing hops, drinking hops, making a mess, recycling, finding inspiration, seminar, networking, making lists, checking them twice, finding out who is naughty and nice, sleeping, eating, work, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I have inspiration for several posts and I hope to get working on them soon, and I use the word "soon" loosely!

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