Thursday, November 29, 2012

Follow Friday

Waiting for my teacher to post feedback on one of my assignments so I'm taking a break! And what better way to enjoy my break?

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1. I have always dreamed of ___.
2. My ___ is my ___.
3. I love to ___ when I ___.
4. I will never forget ___ with ___.

My answers:
1. I have always dreamed of winning the lottery.  Not that I need tons of money to be happy, but seriously, who never dreams of winning the lottery?
2. My husband is my best friend.  Seriously.  Love him.
3. I love to sleep in when I can.
4. I will never forget the happiness and excitement and love I experienced with my family and friends on my wedding day.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stay tuned....

Please don't forget about me! I'll be back soon. 

Crazy busy, still.  Doing well but swamped. 

I fully intend to "catch up" once my semester ends in a couple of weeks.  Then I plan for a total overhaul so I can get organized again.

See you soon!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Date Night in a Jar

So I've got another Pinterest "Mission Accomplished" item! A "date night in a jar".  I came across this idea when I was looking for "in a jar" favor ideas for my sister's baby shower.  I pinned it to check out later, since Brad and I totally slack on date nights.  Not only do we never have them, but when we do we waste a good hour trying to decide what to do.  This takes the guesswork out of it! Romantic, right? ;)

So I found the idea here (link) and knew this was something I could do.  Granted mine turned out a little bit different because I had ants in my pants and absolutely no patience to paint the sticks, but I still think it turned out pretty darn cute with my colored paper.  I knew I saved those Publix Premium pasta sauce jars for a reason!

And no, we haven't picked a stick yet!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I spent this past weekend in New York at my sister's baby shower.  It was nice to be with my sisters, even if the four of us were only together for a short time.

My mom, dad, and I drove to my sister Tracy's house in Virginia on Thursday.  We got to watch my nephew Ben's baseball game which was super fun, aside from the bitter cold! Chilling out with my niece Madeline was pretty fun too.  It's been a while.  I gave her a french manicure so her nails would match mine for the shower.

Photo: My riding mate. 

My mom, sister, niece, and I drove to New York on Friday to meet up with my other two sisters who live up there.  My oldest sister Christine bought an apartment in Hoboken and I got to drive by Carlo's Bake Shop! Didn't go in though because it was very crowded and we were pressed for time.

Photo: Cake Boss baby!

We had dinner Friday evening at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Long Island City with my sister Kerry, her husband Nick, and her friend Cindy.  It was a nice evening.

The shower was Saturday and it was fun.  I made the favors and they were a hit! I found the idea on Pinterest and adapted it in my own way.  I love the way they turned out and I'd be lying if I said I did it all by myself, Brad helped!!

It was nice seeing my Aunt Barbara and my Aunt Ellen, and some of my sisters friends I have known for a very long time.  It was also nice being back in New York, even if it was for only a nano second... we left to return to Virginia Saturday evening.

Quite a whirlwind trip, but worth it! I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew in December! I am voting the baby is born on December 11, mine and my sister's birthday!

Friday, November 2, 2012

First Follow Friday in a While...

I'm so happy to have my stuff together enough to participate in another fun blog hop this week! Some Follow Friday Fill-in Fun hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie.  Each week she posts four fill-in statements on her blog and we take them to our blogs and fill them in.  Click the button below to play along.  Also, please take a minute to send some thoughts and prayers Hilary's way since her and Mark were in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I hope all is well where they are.



1. Growing up ___.
2. Wouldn't ___ be wonderful?
3. If I hadn't ___, then I never would have ___.
4. When I ___, I like to ___.

My answers:

1. Growing up I was always compared to my sisters.  It was irritating enough when my parents did it, but when my teachers did it, it was the worst!
2. Wouldn't s'more cookies be wonderful? I am going to dig up a recipe, stay tuned... Pinterest here I come!
3. If I hadn't moved to South Carolina, then I never would have met Brad.  And I'm so glad I did!
4. When I do chores, I like to watch television.

Now fill in your own responses and head to Hilary's to link up!

So true...


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pondering: Devastation or Displacement

This week's Pondering With a Purpose is about devastation or displacement.  Brenda asks us to think back to a time, if any, where we may have experienced devastation or displacement similar to what is happening in the northeast because of Hurricane Sandy.  Click the button below to hop over to Brenda's and write along.

Think on Thursday

I haven't experienced anything near as horrible as what they are experiencing right now in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and other places... but I have experienced some devastation and displacement.

The only hurricane I really remember experiencing was Hurricane Bob in the early 90s.  I lived on Long Island and there were a lot of trees down.  I remember the neighborhood coming together to help with the clean up.  I slept through most of the storm and our house had a basement so we made it through all right.  There was also Hurricane Gloria in the 80s that apparently was worse, but I don't remember it.

The next instance of devastation I dealt with was when the house that my apartment was attached to (it was a garage apartment) caught fire.  Fortunately no one was injured and my apartment sustained only water damage from the relief efforts of the fire department.  I lost quite a bit of things because they either stunk of smoke or ended up mildewed.  I didn't have renter's insurance, so I stayed with friends before ultimately moving to South Carolina to live with my parents. 

As I was packing my things from the apartment and moving them to storage, September 11th happened.  It was devastating and horrifying.  I feel like everything stood still in New York for days afterwards.

Interestingly enough, there were just two hurricanes in my twenty years in New York, and since I've been in South Carolina, an area that is supposed to be a little more susceptible to these kinds of things there hasn't been any.  Well, they've grazed us and we've had a couple of tropical storms with little to no damage, but in my ten years here in South Carolina the northeast has seen two devastating hurricanes, and those have both been in the past year or so.  

My sister Tracy lost power in Virginia from the storm.  Kerry evacuated her apartment in Long Island City to her house in Connecticut.  They had minor damage in Connecticut but the East River overflowed into the streets around their apartment in Queens.  My sister Christine evacuated her Hoboken apartment to her house in upstate New York where she lost power.  The Hudson River flooded into Hoboken as well. 

It's crazy to see the pictures of New York and New Jersey, where I just was a week before the storm hit.  In fact, while at Kerry's apartment in Long Island City I took a picture of the Freedom Tower to send to Brad.  To the left of the Freedom Tower was the highrise building in Manhattan where the news kept showing images of the broken crane.  It's very faint, but if you look real close, you can see the crane over the tall building on the left.

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